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As one of the leading companies in the information sector, Luna Information Technologies has been providing successful, reliable and professional services to all our business partners in the field of AI/DC (Automatic Identification / Data Collection and Applications) since 2009. We research the needs of our business partners; We offer products, services and solutions in the most successful way. At the same time, we take our place among the top 500 companies of Informatics every year.

While we are taking firm steps forward in the IT sector, we are stepping into a new sector with our different perspectives and we are further strengthening our business with Luna Media. Digital Signage systems, the popular leading role of corporate communication, provide flawless broadcasting, advertisement, announcement and information solution services that can be applied to all sectors and provide effective communication with customers through professional screens in every field.

We continue our media services in many areas such as Digital Signage, Videowall, Kiosk, Touch Screens, Digital Direction and Smart Board, which we offer in accordance with the needs of our business partners.

We included the new field application, which allows us to be a group company and to gather under one roof, and we started our solar power plant studies with Luna Energy. We contribute to nature by producing less carbon emission, clean, easy to store and unlimited energy in solar energy systems applications.

We are taking firm steps under the roof of Luna Group and adding success to our successes.

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